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Watch your step!

If you’ve seen our previous post, you’ll know that we have had an abundance of water in the lagoon. So much so, that the little footbridge which runs across the entrance to the vlei and over to the main beach has become submerged and has suffered a significant amount of damage due to the increasing water level.

Planks have been found washed up or have floated away and it is important that all visitors take responsibility for their own safety. With that in mind, please DO NOT use the bridge. It is not safe at this time, and we’d rather you spend your holiday visit enjoying the surroundings of nature and not the doctors surgery 😉

Hopefully we’ll soon see temperatures increasing as we get further into spring and more flowers beginning to pop up, which will make for some excellent afternoon walks along the water’s edge. Still keeping our fingers crossed that we get a breach of the lagoon mouth soon!

Keep an eye on the blog for news about our little sister cabin coming soon 🏕️

(pic courtesy of A. Pretorius 🌲🌼🐦)

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