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Interesting things to do | History comes alive.

For this excursion you'll be heading out to Worcester, ± 1¼ hours travel each way. Head to Villiersdorp as described under our post “Interesting things to do | Wine Country”.  At the T junction where you would have turned left to Franschhoek, turn right to Villiersdorp about a kilometer away. 

Among the attractions there are the Karoo National Botanical Gardens, and “Kleinplasie” which is a living museum, where you can taste traditional food at the Kleinplasie Bistro, situated in the oldest Drostsdy in Worcester.

You can watch people making candles and flour as it was done in the days of the early settlers. At the right time of the year you can also watch grapes being trodden (by the local school children), and “Witblits” being made (a local distilled spirits that will put hair on your chest!)

Return either the way you came, or take the N2 west to Paarl, Franschhoek and so home.

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