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🐍 Be on the lookout for Snakes 🐍

As the wonderful South African summer starts to settle in, temperatures are rising and snakes are becoming more active after their winter "hibernation". So this is the time of year you are more likely to encounter a snake (October to May).

We do feel it important to reiterate that the Oppiedam Family Cabins are located within a Private Nature reserve and that snakes play a vital role in our ecosystem. Snakes are generally not aggressive, as long as they don't feel threatened, so snake bites are extremely rare, even more uncommon is to be bitten by a venomous snake.

That being said there are a couple of tips we recommend when out and about in nature. Watch your step and pay attention while enjoying outdoor activities. Most snakes you'll encounter around the cabin and garden are non-venomous, e.g. the mole snake, brown house snake, aurora house snake and olive house snake. So please do not harm the snake killing a snake is an offence in the Western Cape. It is however still important to remain cautious as there are several venomous snakes native to the Overstrand region, these are the Puff Adder, Cape Cobra, Boomslang and Rinkhals (the latter is extremely rare and would be a wonderful sighting for the avid herpetologist).

In the rare event that you should happen upon a snake near the cabin, please stay calm, and try to keep at least 3 – 5 m between you and the snake at all times; do not corner them. Contact one of the snake catchers listed below and try to keep your eyes on the snake until the snake catcher arrives, if possible.


Jonathan Powers 082 352 6000

Corné Uys 076 075 8004

Hugo Uys 062 482 5410


Gansbaai Snake Removals 079 844 9513

Franskraal (Patrys Laubser) 082 375 7075


Mike Green 082 212 5116


Overstrand Snake Removal 084 274 3163

Mike Green 082 212 5116


Francois van Zyl 083 271 8809


Pete B-Moore 082 807 0280

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